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7 Small Business Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

And we are into the full swing of the holiday season. You know that once October hits, folks are scrambling for costumes and you can barely get that turkey leg near your lips before the stores have put up all their Christmas decorations and little Michael Jackson is singing about catching his mama lip lockin’ with Santa. And then, there’s the New Year.

As small business owners we already wear all the hats. We take care of the sales, marketing, accounting, and administrative duties for our companies. For many businesses, the holidays mean more customers, and sales are often at their highest levels for the year. That means having a solid game plan and making the most of the opportunities.

By now, you either need to tweak your holiday plan or make sure that you don’t let what’s left of the holiday season pass you by. It’s time to get organized…and paid. Here are 7 tips to put the “ho ho ho” into your holiday!

Preparation is key

Yes, we’re looking December square in the face, but if you don’t already have a plan this is your opportunity, rife with motivation, to create one. Sit down and make sure that each holiday is marked or written down. That’s right, do this for your entire year, that way next holiday season won’t find you unprepared. Give yourself enough time prior to the holiday to create holiday content and share with your team prior to launch. Planning ahead also gives you (and your team) the ability to step away from the day to day business during the holidays. We all need a break sometimes.

Offer a sale

Nothing says holiday quite like a sale! Black Friday and Cyber Monday found many businesses boosting sales by cutting prices or bundling products and services at amazing rates. We were wowed by New Orleans Fempreneur “Supa Cent” and how her company, “The Crayon Case” made a million dollars in sales, in 90 MINUTES, with a 60% off sale. This definitely took planning, consideration and stellar follow through. So make sure that you know which products/services you’re going to discount before the holiday and by how much, then you can start with marketing.

Free Gift With Purchase

A sale is already a deal, but why not sweeten it with a little something extra? A gift with purchase can be that extra thank you or holiday well wish that keeps your customer coming back for more. It can be a physical item, a holiday card, a sample or even a coupon for future services. The point is to celebrate the holiday and your customer.

Stay Social

It may feel tempting to slack off during the holidays, but this is the time to ramp it up. People are on vacation and  paying more attention to their favorite businesses and influencers, with the intention to make purchases this season. You’ll need to remain active on all your usual platforms, getting your audience ready for the next holiday and increasing their excitement to buy. Encourage your  followers to share your posts and even consider running holiday contests or promotions to grow your audience. If you are without a social media plan for your business, this holiday or otherwise, then holla at your girls for a social media audit. Let us see what you’re workin’ with and how we can help you!

Live Action

In (almost) 2019, if you’re not using video to promote your business, you’re NOT making the most of all the marketing power the internet has to offer. We know, we know, you “don’t like video”, but we’re here to tell you that with all social platforms highlighting live video and video uploads on such a high level, it shines a light on what users really go for. And that’s why you’re going to start seeing us more this way too. *surprise* If you’re concerned about what it takes, your camera phone or webcam will work. You also don’t even have to spend hours fiddling around with editing software. There are plenty of platforms that make it very easy to create a video by choosing from pre-shot footage, allowing you to share it and then quickly start making the next one. And if you’re brave enough for live video, even better. If you’re not…I have a challenge for that.

Slide into the inbox

Yeah, so…I don’t wanna sound like I’m judging you but…I’m judging you if you don’t have an email list or if you’re not using it to connect with your people. You’re probably here reading this right now because we slid in your email, and if you’re not…sign up for our list NOW so you don’t miss another thing! Email marketing beats social media marketing when it comes to delivery and effectiveness, but so many entrepreneurs refuse to utilize this tool to its fullest capability, and sometimes at all. To kickstart your email marketing journey, or dust off your old list, write about a win, or lesson learned in 2018 and thank your customers for being a part of it. An inbox has a more personal feel than your public posts, so hop to it.  And don’t forget to include a call to action.

Looking ahead

As the year wraps up, this is a great time to take a good look at where you are. At our House Meeting, for the first year wrap-up, we reviewed our goals, set new ones (they are HUGE) and resolved to add and update content in our store to keep it fresh for you. The holidays are also a good time if you’re considering switching gears or changing direction.

While I’m sharing these tips to help you increase holiday revenue, I also want you to remember that the holidays are a time of fun. Enjoy yourself and your loved ones. If you are a business with a storefront, consider an open house. If not, continue to use digital tools to build relationships that will take you right through to next year’s holiday season.

The holiday season speaks to almost everyone, regardless of the holiday they’re celebrating. Try adding a little cheer and extra care into your marketing strategies during this time of year. It will make you more relatable and memorable to your customers and audience. Take time to complete the additional work so that you aren’t missing the best opportunity to connect more authentically with customers. And buy yourself a gift with your holiday profits! You deserve it!

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7 Small Business Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

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