Nina Simone is a licensed cosmetologist, barber, and makeup artist with almost two decades of experience. A beloved stylist, Nina services a diverse group of clients from across the gender and racial spectrum.

Love Tribe Hair by Nina Simone


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Nina already had a large clientele, but did not have comprehensive branding.

She marketed her business on social media, but didn't have a website to showcase her work and portfolio.

Nina offered a wide variety of services to an equally wide variety of clients, so she needed a way to clearly connect with her target market.

the challenge:

We designed a unique brand suite that aligned with Nina's mission, and incorporated her varied services and clientele.

We designed and developed a modern website that organized her portfolio by service and style to truly showcase her talent.

We built a website with simple navigation that allows for easy updates to her portfolio.

We designed business cards and social media templates to facilitate cohesiveness and brand recognition across multiple platforms.

the solution:

Project Deliverables

New branding and logo, web design and development, copywriting, social media templates, and business cards.

The custom branding elements and Squarespace website were designed as part of our full branding, website and copywriting experience for service based businesses. With this signature package, you'll come away with your own strategic branding and a custom website that supports the mission and objectives for your business.

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Investment starts at $7000

Our promise is if you're clear about your mission and project objectives, ready to work without delays, and are an active participant in the collaborative process, we’ll elevate your brand to help you achieve your goals.


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