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Strike A Pose: How Brand Photography Can Set You Apart From The Competition

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The following is a guest post by Tanya Boggs, a freelance photographer based in Charleston, SC. If you’d like to contribute to the House of 334 blog and share your expertise, shoot us an email at


Investing in high-quality branding photography is required to connect with and convert your clients. It has the power to deliver the personality of your brand and what it feels like to work with you. Great photography will draw clients to you, generate sales, and increase your profits.

Check out the ABC’s of getting GREAT photographs that connect and convert.

Authenticity is KEY

One major advantage of investing in brand photography is that it highlights what makes YOU different from your competitors. You can’t be all things to all people. So, stop trying to be who you think you SHOULD be. Show them who you ARE! Let your authenticity be what draws them to you.

Inauthenticity will sabotage your success and your photo shoot. If you want to show you’re fun and easy going, but in reality you’re formal and direct, you’ll alienate the very people who would actually LOVE to work with you. Trust there are people who will appreciate your personality—whether you go with the flow or are formal and direct. And THOSE are the people you want to connect with. So stop “shoulding” yourself to death. Embrace who you are and what you have to offer. When you do, you’ll stand out and shine to your ideal audience.

Be Comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients make is with their clothing choices. The clothes are too big, too small, uncomfortable or ill fitting. Because of this, they fidget, fuss and can’t relax during a photo shoot. When you step in front of the camera, be sure to wear something that makes you feel like a Rock Star and is authentic to YOU.

Also, you must TRY ON all your outfits before your shoot! And bring several options! Otherwise, there’s a very good chance your shoot could be a total waste of time, money, and energy.

Try on each outfit and ask yourself: Do I feel great? Then, move around a bit and ask yourself: Am I comfortable? Is there something making me feel self-conscious? Leave anything that makes you self-conscious or uncomfortable at home. You know, the dress that clings to your belly a little too tight or accentuates your hips a little too much. Yeah, that one. DON’T WEAR IT!

When you feel confident and amazing, THAT is what comes across in your images. If you’re feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in any way, it will definitely come through. So shop for, try on, and bring outfits that make you feel amazing AND comfortable. Also, if you LOVE wearing heels and they make you feel sexy, wear them even if your feet won’t show. Why? If you feel great, you will LOOK great in your photos, too.


Connecting with the right photographer is crucial and so is having a few key images to help you connect with your audience.

Below are the top 3 images you need to start your branded image library. You want to weave these into your website, e-mails, newsletters, social media, printed materials, etc.

If you want more detailed information about these three types of images check out this article:

  1. Headshot
    This is a MUST HAVE! People are more likely to contact you if you have a headshot versus a business that does not because potential clients want to know you’re a real person. And the headshot is where you begin creating connection.
  2. Personality Photos
    Personalizing your business with photographs creates trust and establishes authority. People do business with PEOPLE, not businesses. Show a little personality.
  3. Illustration Images
    These are images that showcase your products, services, or illustrate what you’re trying to communicate. They visually tell the story of your business, your brand, and your unique value proposition (basically, what you can do for your customers).


Connecting with a photographer that is right for YOU is important! Call around, talk to them live, and ask questions. Invest in someone who has the experience and flexibility to meet your needs.

A good branding photographer can work almost anywhere: at your place of business or a location of your choosing. They understand lighting on location. As much as we all love natural light, it’s not always available. A great photographer has many tools at their disposal and can create a natural light look even in the dimmest of places.

Working with a photographer is a collaboration. Do they ask questions about your business, what YOU want to communicate, and how you differ from your competitors? Do they offer image or location suggestions or ideas? How do they help you get comfortable in front of the camera? (Quick tip: offer to send them examples of what you like. And send them some examples of what you DON’T like and describe what you do/don’t like in those images.)

The photographer’s job is to help you shine as only you can! A great photographer will help you be authentic, get comfortable, and connect to your audience.


Tanya Boggs is a freelance photographer specializing in Travel, Adventure and branding photography and was recently published in the HuffPost. Follow her on Instagram @TanyaBoggsPhoto. And for tips on leveraging photography in your business, you can check out her blog or find her on Facebook.





Strike A Pose: How Brand Photography Can Set You Apart From The Competition

  1. Catherine says:

    Such an insightful post. As a professional photographer, I understand how important it is for businesses to utilize effective and efficient photography for their products & services.

  2. Elle Brandon says:

    This is absolutely what I needed to know. my poses are really terrible. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nothing like great photography to up your game! Thanks for these tip 🙏

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