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6 Reasons Why Blogging for your Business is a Good Idea


Is blogging really a necessary part of business? You may be asking yourself that very question…and trust me, the Ladies of the House have the discussion almost every quarter, if not more. LBVS (laughing, but very serious). Maybe you battle with blogging because you struggle with content, or maybe like us you’re pressed for time even with a mountain of ideas and expertise to share.

Even though it’s mad easy to throw up your hands and say “forget it”, consider why blogging for your business is a good idea. In short, it helps in many areas including: search visibility, leads and sales. There are also a few other reasons to consider so that you’re off the fence and fully into blogging for your brand.

Oh, before we begin, make sure that you are hosting your blog on your company’s website. It may sound like a no-brainer, but if you were blogging before your business started, or have taken up blogging on a free site, you may be working against some of the very benefits we’re about to go into. So…you ready?

Six Reasons to Blog

1. Helps SEO. You’ve heard of SEO, but what is it? Search engine optimization influences the visibility of a website within a search engine’s organic results. Blogging helps to raise SEO quality by making your blog the “go to” answer for your audience’s pressing questions. That means when someone is looking for a particular subject, if you’ve blogged about it, they can find you. The more content you add to your site, the more pages from your domain become indexed in the search engines. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic. In layman’s terms, when you write a blog, you add another opportunity to be found, whether directly by name or by the topics you cover. If your website has 5-6 pages, it’s unlikely that you add to those or update them regularly. But with a blog, each entry becomes a new page that shows up in search engines and drives traffic to your site.

2. Gives your company a voice. An active company blog gives you the unique opportunity to make your brand human and infuse industry information with your unique personality and human touch. It connects people to your brand in a way that your website’s about section or your bio just doesn’t. That connection is key and makes a difference by making you stand out, but also can identify you as relatable and approachable. Your blog is a place where your readers can leave comments and engage in conversation with you. You can also get valuable feedback from them in this manner.

3. Shares your expertise. Blogging is a major way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and to create a platform to share. The practice of adding value to your audience helps to build the KLTR (know, like, trust, respect) factor. When people know, like, trust and respect you, they are more willing to become a customer and spend their money with you.

4. Answers commonly asked questions. Often as entrepreneurs we find ourselves answering some of the same questions over and over again. With new people coming in contact with our brands on a regular basis, we’re bound to experience repeat scenarios. This can be addressed through an FAQ page on your website, but another way is to create blog content. Because these are frequently asked questions, you can be confident that the information is heavily sought after in your area of proficiency. And because you will be writing a blog, you’ll be able to go into greater detail and give examples as necessary. BONUS: Find yourself running out of content for your social media posts? Use your blog content!

5. Drives business results for the long term. When you hear the words “passive income”, does joy just flood your soul? You’re not alone. Imagine that you run for a solid hour on the treadmill one day and that exercise continues to burn fat over days, months and even years? That’s what the time you take to write a blog entry does to increase website traffic and conversions over time. Even way after this blog is posted, someone will able to find it, and us, thanks to SEO and keywords used.

6. Creates opportunities for collaboration and sharing. If you know anything about our brand, you know that we are strong supporters of the #communityovercompetition movement. We believe in the brilliance of other fempreneurs and we look to “reach across the aisle” as often as possible. When you add new blog content that inspires and educates other entrepreneurs, you can begin to acquire inbound links as other writers, bloggers and experts share your content in their writing. These links are great for SEO, but also aid in driving referral traffic to your site. And when you open up for guest bloggers you are able to benefit from the traffic that they bring as well as fresh perspective, new specialities, increased visibility among their followers and an opportunity to build new relationships/partnerships.

And speaking of which…

The House of 334 is looking for guest bloggers! If you’ve got valuable knowledge about Entrepreneurship that you’d like to share with our audience, click this link to submit your info and let’s connect! 👩🏾‍💻

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6 Reasons Why Blogging for your Business is a Good Idea

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