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3 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt And Kick Ass In Your Biz

Overcoming doubt

President Teddy Roosevelt apparently once said “comparison is the thief of joy,” but for many entrepreneurs self-doubt kills more dreams, ideas, and businesses than almost anything else.

And I get it, it’s extremely difficult to have confidence in your goals when you’re the only one who truly understands what you want to accomplish and why, but doubting your abilities doesn’t get you very far either.

As a writer and business owner, I often struggle with believing that my work and my ideas are good enough, even when people tell me they are. Why? Well, writers are notoriously self-conscious. We agonize over every word or sentence, and when it’s all said and done, we’re tempted to throw our work away because it doesn’t sound like our faves.

And entrepreneurs, no matter the industry, are often the same.

Making decisions for your brand or business can feel stressful and uneasy and trigger feelings of insecurity, especially when your money and reputation are on the line. Thankfully, however, there are ways to cope.

So how do the ladies of 334 deal with occasional bouts of self-doubt? Here are 3 tips.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Teddy Roosevelt was right. Comparing yourself to others–especially seemingly successful or talented entrepreneurs–will absolutely steal your joy. So don’t do it. Follow their social media pages, pick up a few tips, appreciate their grind, and move on. And if you need to hit the unfollow button on someone who really triggers your anxiety, do it.

Surround yourself with a cheerleading squad

Because there are three of us who comprise the House of 334 we often operate as our own support system. If one of us is feeling a little unsure or uneasy about our abilities, the other two rally to our side. Similarly, you should have a supportive (and lovingly honest) group of peers who can not only tell you the truth in a loving way but who have your back as well.

Just do the work

Listen, self-doubt can be the thief of joy, opportunities, and productivity…but only if you let it. Yes, there will be moments of fear, anxiety, and inadequate confidence along your business journey, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to do the work anyway.

Do you struggle with self-doubt in your business? How do you normally cope with it? Drop a comment, or meet us over on Instagram @Houseof334 to talk about it. 





3 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt And Kick Ass In Your Biz

  1. Jasmine Robinson-Bedford says:

    This was so what I needed to read/hear today! Thank you. I have stopped baking because of some personal issues but also do to that comparison to others. This just gave me life and to get back to the drawing board to get back doing what I love.
    I know I will be in touch you lovely ladies when its time to get my branding done!
    Thank you

  2. A says:

    Yes I guess I’m like whose gonna catch me if I fall. Or I feel like a fraud or worse. I’m like is God really gonna let me do this And I revert back to what I know. It ain’t easy

  3. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring post – I will be sure to work on overcoming self-doubt more 🙂

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