With the abundance of amazingly creative brand designers to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of 5 things to do before choosing your branding agency:

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Five Things To Do Before Choosing A Branding Agency

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It’s no secret that growing a small business can be a struggle out here in these streets. But, your girls are here to uncover a well kept secret about the one tool that could grow your business exponentially that you may not have ever even thought about…wait for it… Now say hello to interactive online quizzes! Ok, […]

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How To Create Interactive Online Quizzes To Grow Your Business

House of 334 Interactive Online Quizzes

I’m sure by now you have heard, or read, about the passing of iconic designer, and businesswoman, Kate Spade. As Fempreneurs, women and fellow human beings, we are saddened and keeping her family in our thoughts and prayers during this rough, and most likely confusing, time. While the internet has remained abuzz, we have also […]

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Dear Working Entrepreneur: A Love Letter to You

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If you’re an entrepreneur or blogger, you’re likely aware that you need branding. But what exactly does that mean? What the heck IS branding anyway?

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Branding 101: Six Components Of Brand Identity

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We live in an interesting time, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Our lives are becoming increasingly public, our attitudes more entitled, and our language more exaggerated. You can’t spend more than two seconds on social media without someone talking about getting their entire LIFE or exclaiming, Yaaaaaaas when someone does or says something they agree with.  And while most […]


Here’s the ONE Question Every Entrepreneur Must Ask


The following is a guest post by Chelsey Brown, founder and editor of City Chic Décor, a blog dedicated to providing guidelines and tricks for decorating and organizing small, rented spaces. If you’d like to contribute to the House of 334 blog and share your expertise, shoot us an email at houseof334@gmail.com. ~~ Nowadays, it’s so common […]

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8 Small Space Hacks To Make Working From Home A Breeze

As the result of a mishap a little while ago, we posted over on Instagram about the need for instituting what we now are calling “House Rules.” These handy little guidelines serve to improve the quality of our business operations, and therefore our lives, as female entrepreneurs. We asked our IG tribe what rules they’ve […]


Office Hours: The Key to Finding Balance as an Entrepreneur

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Email marketing. You’ve heard of it, you’ve been on the receiving end of it, you’ve read endless think pieces about it, you’ve even started to do it…and then stopped. But, why is email marketing important for a badass fempreneur like yourself? Well, it gives you an opportunity to connect directly with your customer and work […]

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New to Email Marketing? Key Areas to Consider for Your Inbox Success

This isn’t your average business post. Instead of sharing quick tips on improving some aspect of your brand (we’ve covered that quite a bit on the blog, btw), we’re going to dig a little deeper and deal with one of the biggest killers of productivity: perfectionism. Writer Anne Lamott called perfectionism “the voice of the […]


Progress Over Perfection: Why Consistency Is Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

The following is a guest post by Tanya Boggs, a freelance photographer based in Charleston, SC. If you’d like to contribute to the House of 334 blog and share your expertise, shoot us an email at houseof334@gmail.com. ~~ Investing in high-quality branding photography is required to connect with and convert your clients. It has the power to deliver […]


Strike A Pose: How Brand Photography Can Set You Apart From The Competition

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A little while ago on Instagram we asked what challenges you face in your business, and you spoke up loud and clear. Some were struggling with getting organized, while others needed a little help building their following. However, one thing that kept coming up again and again was creating killer content. One question, from beauty […]


Content is Queen: 4 Ways to Connect With Your Audience NOW